Data Enrichment

We create content attributes to enrich existing data sources; this enables richer and new analysis possibilities. We have mechanisms to include the enhanced attributes in industry systems to allow for easy access alongside data sources and can identify and track content across Broadcast networks.

Key to the quality of our data enrichment service and content identification is applying ‘intelligence layers’ to our processes through our internal system developers and our Data Enrichment team. Using this combination of automation and experts to review, refine and re-code data allows us to offer high quality data and identify content across broadcasters.

  • Repeat status
  • Client specific genre coding
  • Commissioner / slate coding
  • Regional / local market variations
  • Episode and series identification
  • Country of origin
  • Commissioned / acquired / in-house
  • Production company & distributor
  • Talent
  • Brand identification and brand grouping
  • Data cleaning and standardisation of information
  • Content identification and tracking