New Ratecard for TRP Codex

New Ratecard for TRP Codex

In consultation with clients and the market, we are delighted to share a new ratecard for TRP Codex for 2021. Subscription is based on two elements:

  • Subscription Cost based on type and size of organisation
  • Data Access and Reporting Cost based on depth and granularity of data required

We are delighted to work with you to meet your specific needs.

We also have the ability to customise the survey and find out new information, so that we can code participants in new ways – for access to BVOD services, for example – and put questions to them about motivations for subscription and consumption.

TRP Codex is a daily survey of 2,000 16+ participants, powered by TRP Research content identification and innovative questionnaire design. It has been running daily since December 2019.

Download our TRP Codex Brochure with Ratecard or email us at

See recent ASI interview with TRP Research COO David Raybould for details.

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