New research puts The Grand Tour’s opening UK audience at 3.7 million

New research puts The Grand Tour’s opening UK audience at 3.7 million

3.7 million adults watched the opening episode of The Grand Tour in the UK this weekend according to new research from media specialists TRP Research.  On Friday alone, 2.1 million watched the programme within 24 hours of the midnight launch.

Echoing the weekend’s raft of positive reviews, The Grand Tour registered an Appreciation Index (AI) of 82 out of 100 among TRP Research’s UK-wide media response panel.  Nearly a third (31%) of viewers said they subscribed to Amazon Prime specifically in order to watch The Grand Tour.  That could contribute £85m of additional subscription revenue to Amazon.

James Robinson, Director of TRP Research, says: “After all the build-up to The Grand Tour’s launch, everyone wants to know how many people watched the first episode and, crucially, how many signed up to Amazon Prime because of the new show.”

He continues: “Amazon keeps its viewing figures firmly to its chest.  Even The Grand Tour’s producer says he won’t get the numbers from Amazon.  As well as providing an estimate of The Grand Tour’s audience on its launch weekend, this research gives us a useful early insight into the show’s ability to drive new Amazon Prime subscribers.”

Introducing TRP Surveys: A new specialised UK wide media panel

TRP Research’s mission is to help understand broadcast content and consumption.  We believe that no media usage should be ‘unknowable’ and that understanding audiences is the best way to drive viewership, quality, loyalty and revenue streams.  We created TRP Surveys to help address the challenges of the changing media landscape and to enhance what we understand through existing metrics.

TRP Surveys is ready to use, with 1,500 respondents having completed a detailed media-centric recruitment questionnaire enabling rich and media-focussed demographic splits.

For more information about TRP Surveys, or for our full report on The Grand Tour contact Lindsay Carroll  For further requests for comments or questions from members of the press contact James Robinson or David Raybould

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