Performance Monitoring

Tailored to the need, based on any data set and designed to be accurate, timely and accessible, our reporting service is comprehensive and flexible, featuring format design, content evolution and delivery management.

Our service is scaled to provide the function of a complete research department, or an extension of an internal department:

  • Team, structure, IT and Quality Control specifically set up for this purpose
  • Draws on experience and expertise
  • Releases capacity into in-house teams
  • Economies of scale
  • 365 days per year – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  • Comprehensive and flexible overnights service
  • Combination of in-house and industry standard systems and software used to create reports
  • Reports are generally semi-automated to allow for intelligent decision-making and in-process and post-production checking
  • On-going and regular review to incorporate market changes and keep reporting relevant
  • Includes Data Enrichment and new content attributes to enhance understanding
  • Multiple platforms, including TV, Radio and Online
  • Combining and matching data sources to create total consumption metric