The Grand Tour Returns: New season overtakes the debut’s UK audience – but delivers fewer sign-ups to Amazon

The Grand Tour Returns: New season overtakes the debut’s UK audience – but delivers fewer sign-ups to Amazon

THE LATEST research from media panel TRP Surveys shows 5.2 million adults watched the return of The Grand Tour in the UK – an increase of 42% on last year’s launch. 3.7 million viewers tuned-in to the much-hyped premiere in November 2016 but season two – which launched just before Christmas to far less fanfare – has nevertheless easily overtaken its debut series.

The boost to season 2 of The Grand Tour is largely due to the increase in Amazon’s subscribers since the last series aired more than a year ago – a growth of nearly 30% to the UK Amazon Prime universe. While traditional broadcasters might expect some diminishing returns for a much-publicized new programme, Amazon Prime’s rapidly growing customer base mean no such slowing for this show. And as the broadcast schedule is of less importance for streamed services, considerable viewing can happen after the launch event: the season one debut is itself now far ahead of that 3.7m who watched during the opening weekend.

The research by TRP Surveys addresses Amazon Prime’s reluctance to disclose their official viewing figures; we believe no industry platform should be unmeasurable. SVOD audiences might behave in a slightly different way to traditional linear TV audiences but, in our opinion, that means it is all the more important to ascertain their reach and relevance.  And, certainly in this case, the ratings tell a positive story for Amazon Prime. However, in terms of revenue – Amazon Prime’s ultimate metric – our research indicates less of a contribution from The Grand Tour. When asked at the start of season one, 31% of viewers said they subscribed to Amazon Prime specifically in order to watch The Grand Tour – and the service enjoyed its second biggest sign-up on the day of the S1 debut.  This season, far fewer viewers made that claim (22%), adding around £5-10m, we estimate, of new subscription fees to the projected £85m generated by the launch.

Ratings and revenue aside, one thing is clear from the research: the viewers are enjoying the show: The Grand Tour registered an Appreciation Index (AI) of 81 out of 100 among TRP Surveys’ UK-wide media response panel, nearly matching last year’s 82.

Introducing TRP Surveys: A UK wide media panel

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TRP Surveys is a UK-wide media survey, run by media research agency TRP Research.  We run regular omnibus surveys on any media-related questions and provide quick turnaround of results, with insight and analysis included as standard and a guaranteed sample of 1,000 nationally-representative responses.

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